Dungeon Chess is a tantalizing new way of playing chess. Playing it feels like guiding an army through a dungeon of darkness. You can only see as far as your pieces can attack. The rest remains hidden. Likewise, your opponent can’t see many of your maneuvers. Your traditional tactics will fail. You need new strategies to survive. Hide from your opponent and prepare your attack in the shadows. Send a spy to explore unknown territory. But be cautious not to reveal too much. A single wrong move and your army may never see the light of day again!


We love chess and we love role-playing games. One day, we were playing chess in the late afternoon on our terrace when the sun went down. Suddenly, the shadow of a close by tree buried the board in darkness. The black pieces became almost invisible. That’s when it hit us: what if we combined chess with a typical role-playing game element like a dungeon? A crazy idea, we thought, but we had to give it a try and see if we could come up with some game mechanics that would reflect the tension and depressed mood dominating in a dungeon. It turned out that it wasn’t so difficult after all. We just had to make sure each player’s field of view was restricted and covered only part of the board. That was enough to turn the calm, strategy focused game of chess into a nerve wrecking nightmare. We were literally sweating when we made our moves, each hoping the other wouldn’t discover his maneuvers. We’re curious to see if it unnerves you too!


  • Experience a whole new way of playing chess
  • Play with friends on iMessage
  • Move by drag & drop
  • Flip board
  • View legal moves for each piece
  • En passant capture possible
  • Queenside and kingside castling possible
  • Resignation possible
  • Draw offer possible
  • 50-move rule enforced
  • Threefold repetition rule enforced
  • Pawn promotion to queen, rook, bishop, knight
  • Undo last move
  • Replay game


Gameplay on iPhone X,Gameplay on iPad (3nd Gen)YouTube

Gameplay on iPhone X,Gameplay on iPad (3nd Gen)YouTube


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